America West Airlines
Early Spring 1995

No tape, no wait,
no weight - 3-oz.
all-digital recorder holds
one hour of voice notes!

Clunky, noisy tape recorders are obsolete! Miracle energy chips replace motors, recording heads, cassettes - all moving parts - in the revolutionary Flashback recorder. About the size and weight of 4 of your credit cards, it records up to an hour on a removable "sound clip", does things no tape machine can do: Its simple, 2 button control gives instant access to any portion of the recording (no tape rewinding). You can insert new comments without erasing any recorder material! If you want to save voice notes you can download into a PC or other recorder. Sound clips are interchangeable, can be used indefinitely and are impervious to heat, cold or magnets. Digital sound quality is superior!

Flashback is so compact it will always be with you. Its fumble-free control is so easy, you will use it while driving or traveling.

#9FD664 - Flashback Digital Voice Recorder, 30 min. - $299.95
#9FD665 - Additional 30 minute Sound Clip - $69.95
#9FD666 - Additional 60 minute Sound Clip - $99.95


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