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July 1995



Discover the Advantages of Digital Voice Recording with Flashback's Removable Flash Memory SoundClips.

Discover Flashback, the featherlight long-play DIGITAL recorder that lets you record and playback single-handedly--with NO moving parts.

No Tape. Flashback's exclusive Flash memory SoundClips never have to be rewound or flipped over, and can be used again and again--indefinitely.

No Fumbling. Record and playback with one hand using only two buttons. The ergonomic buttons are easy to find by touch, even in the dark or while driving, with two LED's to guide this simple operation.

No Waiting. Find your thoughts in a flash. With digital recording there's no more fast-forwarding or rewinding to locate your important ideas. You're always right where you want to be--in an instant.

No Time Limit. Until now, memo recorders gave you a maximum of 120 seconds--usually much less. Flashback SoundClips record 18, 36 or 72* minutes, and when one is full, just slip in another. Recording time is virtually unlimited.

No Comparison. Flashback's Random Insert feature lets you add to any recording at any point--just like inserting on your word processor. Now you can edit as you go, without recording over existing thoughts! Soon, Flashback's options will allow you to transfer your voice recordings directly to your computer.

Nothing to Lose. For a limited time, members of the legal profession may order Flashback directly through the factory at the special price of $199 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. That's a $50 saving over the nationally advertised price.

No Risk. Interested? Call our toll free number: 800-916-6267. Try Flashback for 30 days. Discover the advantages of digital voice recording. If Flashback isn't the hardest working, lightest, fastest and easiest-to-use full-featured voice recorder you've ever had, send it back for a prompt refund.

No Kidding. Call 800-916-6267 and ask for Flashback at the special price of $199. You've got nothing to lose, and only 3 featherlight ounces to gain.


Flashback Digital Recorder

Norris Communications Corp. 12725 Stowe Drive, Poway, CA 92064

Made in U.S.A. Patents Pending

Circle 133 on Reader Service Card


Magnetic tape player with hundreds of moving parts.

No tape. No moving parts.

Compact size allows convenient portability.

SoundClips available in 18, 36 or 72* minute clips.

* 72 minute SoundClip available fall '95


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