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January 31, 1997


The latest offerings of the consumer electronics industry span the spectrum of handy to wacky

To Complete This Phone Call, Please Pick Up Your TV

by Laurent Belsie

One of the most fertile areas of human imagination resides in the consumer electronics industry. No matter how weird or wacky an idea might seem, someone out there is producing it in the hope it will become the next big seller. And once in a while it does.

So here is a selection of the latest and (maybe) greatest from the recent Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:

Products under $50

World's smallest radio - $20

American Technology Corp. offers AM and FM versions of this neat device. Based on microchips, they're small enough to plug into your ear, yet deliver all the sound anyone would need. The company's vide president of sales uses the ear clip (included) to go jogging.


RADIO, ANYONE?: The world's tiniest transistor, based on a microchip, is an electronic fashion statement when worn with its ear clip.


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