Flashback Digital Recorder

Hold that thought.

Introducing Flashback™, the new digital recorder that does something few personal recorders have ever done gets used.

Flashback's exclusive two-button "Fumble Free™ controls lets you record and play single-handedly with the touch of an ergonomically-designed button. These buttons are easy to find by touch, even in the dark or while driving. And there are two LEDs indicating operational mode and status.

Flashback's "Instant Access™" digital design lets you find your important thoughts instantly, so there's no more painfully slow searching. You find them in a flash with Flashback.

Flashback's "Random Insert™" feature lets you add your thoughts anywhere, just like inserting text on your word processor, without recording over your previous thoughts.

With Flashback's "VariPlay™" feature, you can listen to your thoughts at very fast or very slow speeds without changing the pitch of your voice.

Here are a couple hundred more reasons why Flashback beats old-fashioned magnetic recorders hands down. Thanks to digital voice recording technology, Flashback has no moving parts (versus a couple hundred with conventional tape records), so there are no belts, cogs, gears, or hundreds of other mechanical parts to fail.

Flashback's lightweight design has it going places (your shirt pocket or purse, for instance). At just 3 ounces, Flashback is one of the lightest recorders you can buy. And with its sleek, ergonomic design, you can easily slip Flashback in a pocket or purse, so it's always there when you need it.

Flashback's exclusive removable SoundClip™ has the tape recording industry eating their words. With SoundClip, there's no tape to fumble with--or for your recorder to "eat." It never has to be rewound and can be reused indefinitely. The SoundClip is also remarkably durable. It's impervious to magnets, freezing cold, and blistering heat. A 30-minute SoundClip is included with each Flashback. 60-minute SoundClips are available separately.

Now you can single-handedly capture brainstorms wherever and whenever they occur with Flashback, the featherlight digital voice recorder from Norris Communications.

Because Flashback records digitally, it's not just compact, it's virtually foolproof. There are no moving parts, so there's nothing to go wrong, and with just two buttons, you can operate it blindfolded, with one hand.

There's no tape to fumble with, either. Flashback's exclusive removable SoundClip™ never has to be rewound or flipped over, and can be reused indefinitely.

With Flashback's instantaneous digital access, the search is over. No more painfully slow searching to locate your important thoughts. With Flashback, you're there in a flash. Flashback's patented design also offers superior fidelity.

Designed for the future, Flashback and its SoundClips are PCMCIA compatible. Soon, Flashback's options will allow you to transfer your thoughts to your computer or PDA.

Norris Communications' 90-day money back guarantee assures you that Flashback is a product you can depend on.


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