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YOU ARE PROBABLY already armed with a full complement of laptops, cellular phones, pagers and other portable accessories to be a mobile road warrior. You still can't capture your ideas and conversations with your important customers and contacts in an easy, elegant way. Brilliant ideas know no bounds, when you remember them.

Now there is one 3 ounce device that can capture all your verbal communications, whenever & wherever you have them, with the touch of a button.

The Flashback Personal Digital Recorder is a voice processor that allows you to document and archive recordings of any length on removable digital flash memory.

With one handed operations, you can:

Record voice memos, meetings, phone conversations or brilliant ideas for instant access.

Edit, insert & delete lets you add or delete anywhere in your messages, just like inserting or deleting text in a word processor, without recording over previous messages.

Listen to your voice messages at half or 2X speed for accurate editing and quick scanning/

Access stored messages in a flash, so there's no more slow searching through long tapes or incorrect folders.

Unlike simple memo takers, NCI's patented removable SoundClip technology allows you to store up to 36 minutes per SoundClip.

Turn On

Multiple SoundClips allow you to create a long lasting, error free library on the industry's highest quality digital recording medium.

The Flashback is the only product that is expandable and upgradeable. In the not too distant future, your digital voice messages can be uploaded to your computer for attachment to industry standard Internet mail for delivery to any e-mail address worldwide.

The future of voice processing, available today.


Product Flashback Total Recall Sharper Image Memo Manager Voice It Voice Organizer
Recording Time 36 min. per SoundClip 23 min. 2 min. 4 min. 4 min.
Removable Media Yes No No No No
Message Editing Yes Yes No No No
Variable Speed
Yes No No No No
# of Buttons 2 11 3 7 12
Made In USA Korea China USA Malaysia

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