Hammacher Schlemmer
Mid-Winter 1995

PERSONAL DIGITAL RECORDER is always just a reach away, letting you record every important idea, thought, appointment and special occasion instantly--any time, anywhere. Its solid-state digital technology allows for its small size and light weight (about the size of four credit cards stacked on top of each other). It fits in a shirt pocket, purse, on a night stand or your car's dash, ensuring that you'll never lose another thought again. Record up to 30 minutes of high-quality voice messages and, thanks to its instant random access playback feature, find the exact message you want with the press of a button. Its Fumble-Free two button control lets you scan forward and reverse as well as play the message back at high speed or low speed (without changing the pitch of your voice) all with one hand. Its exclusive 30-minute SoundClip memory bank can be reused indefinitely and also removes for use at a later time. Because it uses no interior moving parts, it will bring you years of performance. Runs on two AAA batteries (included). (2.8 ounces)


Additional Sound Clip




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