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Summer 1995

Recording Devices

Think on your feet! Pocket-size recorders save you time, energy...money.

Put 30 minutes of digital recording power in the palm of your hand.


Total convenience! And with just 2 ergonomically-designed buttons to press, you can use our shirt-pocket size FlashBack digital Recorder anywhere, single-handedly. In the car, in the dark.

What's more, because you're recording digitally, there's no tape to wear out...and no belts, cogs, gears, or other moveable pars to break down. If you're tired of replacing gnarly, tattered tapes, you're sure to appreciate this feature.

A full 30 minutes of recording!

This powerful little recorder comes with a removable, reuseable 30-minute SoundClip with a PCMCIA-style connector. When your 30 minutes are up, you can either record over previous messages (Relax, the unit won't let you accidentally erase!) or pop in a new Clip. SoundClips can be safely stored indefinitely.

A bonus: You can randomly insert or delete a message in the middle of a previously recorded message, without erasing. Fast forward, reverse, pause, normal-speed and half-speed playback benefits are also available.

FlashBack weighs just 2.6 oz. Order now!

FlashBack Digital Recorder

ITEM#      DESCRIPTION                            PRICE

3781A      With 30-minute SoundClip              $249.00

3782A      Additional 30-minute SoundClip      $  69.95


Smart SoundClip won't let you accidentally record over previous messages.

Just snap in a new SoundClip when your 30 minutes are up.

So easy to hold in one hand, you could operate it blindfolded!


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