November 1996


Only the power of voice can carry the magic of ideas that ring out to be heard. Now give voice to your ideas as never before, with the Flashback Mobile Office. It records your brilliant thoughts and sends them as secure, high-speed voice messages attached to Internet e-mail. Or, you can embed them in any document.

At the heart of the Flashback Mobile Office is Flashback, a digital voice recorder that's smaller and lighter than most pagers. Take it wherever you go, to capture inspiration whenever it comes. But Flashback is no mere order taker, as you'll discover when you wordsmith your ideas with its easy-to-use insert and delete functions.

When your message is finally ready for the world to hear, simply remove the SoundClip flash memory and snap it into the Flashback VoiceLink computer input device. When you attach the voice file to an e-mail or other application, your message goes through loud and clear.

Your voice has the power to inspire, to lead, even to move entire nations. So call too free. 1-800-916-6267, or visit us at www.norriscomm.com for the Flashback Mobile Office reseller nearest you. And let yourself be heard.


Mobile Office comes in Personal and Professional versions.

Flashback digitally records your voice on 18- or 36-minute SoundClip removable flash memory.

The compact VoiceLink is the only voice-to-voice portable input device for standard Type II PCMCIA adapters.

Insert the SoundClip with your recorded message into VoiceLink and you're ready to attach your voice message to Internet e-mail.


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