July 1995

Tired of Fumbling with Old-fashioned Magnetic Tape Recorders?

Remember that slow, bulky tape recorder that devoured your valuable tape? Trying to locate that all-important passage was a hassle.

Frustrated with the Limited Capacity of Memo Recorders?

Their size is convenient, but they measure their total storage time in SECONDS. Such a brief time limit is self-defeating.

Finally, A Digital Voice Recorder For The Serious User.

Flashback Digital Recorder

At the Frontier of Recording Technology

With Flashback you can store unlimited information without the hassle of tape. Record and erase over and over again. Get instant access with no moving parts or magnetic media. That means no degrading of sound over time, no accidental erasure, no tangles or broken tape ever again. Flashback. Changing the way we live and work.



Hold That Thought

An invaluable tool for busy executives and professionals who need to record conferences and locate specific passages.

Featherlight and Compact

Drawing on the most advance digital technology, the Flashback is making tape recorders obsolete and memo recorders passť. Flashback weighs just 2.6 ounces (with batteries installed) and fits easily into a shirt pocket or purse.

Foolproof and "Fumble Free"

Flashback has no moving parts that can fail. Two ergonomic buttons are easy to find by touch--even in the dark. Record, play or edit single-handedly, even while driving.

Holds Up To 36 Minutes On A Single SoundClip

Now you can record your ideas, memos, and even entire meetings digitally on Flash memory using Norris Communications' proprietary, removable, reusable SoundClips.

Dependable Under Harsh Conditions

Removable, solid sate, non-volatile SoundClips utilize flashmemory chips that can be used repeatedly without sound degradation.

SoundClips are virtually impervious to magnets, blistering heat and freezing cold.

Locate and Play Back Passages Instantly

Flashback's "Instant Access" digital design advances you immediately to any point, eliminating tedious tape delays.

Add a Thought Within a Thought

Flashback's "Random Insert" and "Random Delete" features let you insert or delete unlimited thoughts without recording over previous passages. It's like editing text on a computer word processor.

PlayBack at High or Low Speed

Flashback's "VariPlay" feature lets you listen at half speed for dictation. Or, at double speed for quick review without changing the pitch of your voice.

Download to Your PC

Flashback is PCMCIA compatible. "Flashback Connect", an exclusive option coming soon, will let you download recordings to your PC or access voice mail.

Top Value

$199. Complete with 18 minute SoundClip, two AAA batteries and detachable wrist strap. Additional 18 minute and 36 minute SoundClips are available.

30 Day Risk Free Trial

If you're not completely satisfied, return in new condition for a full refund.

Order Today.

Call Toll Free for immediate delivery.


Order with MasterCard or VISA. Or send check or money order for $199, plus $6.95 for shipping and handling. Overnight shipping available.

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Norris Communications Corporation


                             Recording Time        Suggested Retail Price

VoiceIt                    75 seconds                $79.95
Voice Organizer        4 minutes                  $199.
Flashback                Unlimited                   $199.

 Only Flashback gives you:

  • Removable 18 and 36 minute SoundClips
  • Fumble Free Control
  • Random Insert and Delete

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