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Digital Recorder Lets You Hold up to 30 Minutes of Thoughts in the Palm of Your Hand -- So You Won't Waste Good Ideas!

Racing from one activity to another hardly leaves a moment to reflect on, and collect, my thoughts. So I often have brief flashes of inspiration, good ideas that are quickly lost. Or I suddenly remember things I have to do, both tasks and phone calls, only to forget them until it's too late. This ongoing battle between memory and a hectic schedule creates constant stress, and lost opportunities. Which makes Flashback the perfect solution for this overworked mind.

Digital -- Flashback uses digital recording to capture your voice. With no magnetic tape and no moving parts to fail, Flashback works like a tireless assistant, taking down your every word for subsequent total recall. Flashback employs just two buttons, so you can use it in the dark or in the car, by touch, and with just one hand. And instead of 90 seconds of capacity like ordinary note takers, Flashback comes with a 30-minute removable Soundclip. So you can dictate a lengthy memorandum if necessary, and carry coin-sized, removable Soundclips for extra capacity.

Portable -- Flashback gives instant random access to separate thoughts, and the unique ability to insert new ideas without recording over previous thoughts -- just like a word processor. Even lets you listen to yourself at fast o slow speeds without changing the pitch of your voice! And Flashback's fidelity preserves he sound of your voice -- unlike lesser brands that garble your words. At a feather-like 3 oz. and just 3" in length, Flashback slips into any pocket -- so there's no excuse for having a flash of brilliance with no place to put it! Made in USA; includes 3 AAA batteries.

 #T385 Flashback -- $249.95  #T386 Extra 30-minute Soundclips - $69.95 each


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