The Improper Bostonian
January 15-28, 1997


WHAT'S HOT IN BOSTON NOW - edited by Kristen Bisson


FM Sounds

More than 100,000 people descended upon last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see the newest, latest and coolest tech. American Technology Corporation hyped what it calls "the world's smallest FM radio." At less than one ounce, FM Sounds is a one-piece radio that fits comfortably in your ear--leaving the other ear free to carry a conversation, or just to be aware of your surroundings. No extra boxes to strap on, no dangling wires, and no headphones to mess up your coif. Station selection is done from a tiny button which employs digital  scan tuning like that found in car radios, suppressing that annoying static between stations. And for AM aficionados, there's an AM Sounds radio as well. Its $29.95 standard price includes the radio, batteries, an ear cushion and a detachable ear clip for active use. FM Sounds will be available in late February or March.


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