International Spectrum
September/October 1994


Revolutionary Voice Recorder Utilizes Flash Memory Technology

Flashback is the first personal voice recorder that utilizes solid state, non-mechanical flash memory recording technology, according to its developer, Norris Communications. Introduced last July, the three-ounce Flashback provides 30 to 60 minutes of high-quality, randomly accessed voice recording on removable, PCMCIA-compatible SoundClips for quick and easy indexing.

SoundClips are memory cartridges that will initially hold up to 30 minutes of high-quality voice recording, which is 30 times the memory capability of competing digital recorders, the company said. SoundClips can be re-recorded hundreds of thousands of times, or can sit on a shelf for years without any sound quality degradation. The PCMCIA-compatible interface allows users to download recorded messages to a personal computer or personal digital assistant.

Flashback users do not have to worry about accidental erasure because it is not affected by magnetic fields. It also features simple, two-button "fumble free" controls. In addition to conventional record, play, fast forward, reverse, pause and volume control features, the software-driven Flashback offers unique new options such as Random Insert, which gives the user the ability to add a thought within a thought.

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CAPTION:  The microprocessor-controlled Flashback personal voice recorder utilizes SoundClip technology that allows for up to 30 minutes of randomly accessed voice recording.


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