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May/June 1995

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guarantees you'll never lose another thought while on the go

Microprocessor-controlled Flashback is a new personal recording device which weighs less than three ounces, is smaller than held a deck of playing cards and easy to use.

It utilizes Intel flash-based SoundClip technology, allowing for up to thirty minutes of high-quality, randomly accessed voice recording for quick and easy indexing. And because it's PCMCIA compatible, Flashback also allows you to download your recorded entries to a personal computer or personal digital assistant. Further features are:

  • Two button "fumble free" control and ergonomic design
  • Completely replaces magnetic media with digital technology which is virtually unaffected by age, extreme temperatures and multiple recordings.
  • Offers new recorder and random access features, such as insert editing and tempo control
  • Withstands extreme heat or cold and bright sunlight
  • Invulnerable to magnetic erasure
  • Can be used an unlimited number of times or stored for years without sound quality degradation
  • Listen to recordings at double speed or half speed with voice pitch intact

Available at consumer electronics and department stores nationwide at under $250, including a 30-minute SoundClip, batteries and accessories. Additional 30-minute SoundClips can be purchased for $69.95. For ordering information, contact Norris Communications Corp. at (619) 679-1504.


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