Monitoring Times

July 1996

The Full-Spectrum Radio Magazine

AM Ear

If you're looking for an AM radio with good sensitivity and small size, you might want to try the new AM Sounds "ear radio." According to a press release from the manufacturer, American Technology Corporation, the AM Sounds ear radio is so small that it literally fits in your ear. There are no earphones, nor wires, and no bulky receiver unit to hang from your belt. According to ATC president Robert Putnam, "While fitting comfortably in the ear one can listen to a favorite talk or sports program, leaving the other ear open to conversation, room sounds, traffic, etc."

OK. So you want to know the obvious. How does this sucker stack up as DX machine? Well, Putnam says that it has 100 microvolt sensitivity. "Translated in common terms," he says, "this means our radio picks up stations that other pocket and portables might miss altogether."

So there you have it. No more missing an opportunity for rare reception because of the fact that DXing is considered socially unacceptable at church, school, or work. Now you can AM DX anywhere, anytime. Just dig your finger into your ear and spin that dial.

AM Sounds is available for $29.95. You can order by calling the company at 800-41-RADIO. Tell them that Monitoring Times sent you.


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