Monitoring Times
July 1998

They're Solar Powered!

The sun came out with a vengeance following hurricane Andrew, but without power, many victims couldn't hear the information bulletins broadcast on the radio. Now American Technology Corporation has a solution to this kind of situation: a line of solar-powered radios and flashlights, all compact and light weight.

All models have a built-in rechargeable NiCd battery, charged by direct sunlight. Power for the SolarSounds Model 220 ($23.49) can be backed up by one AA alkaline battery, extending its 3-hour operation to 12 hours; Models 230 (stereo, at $34.99) and 250 ($26.99) operate on the NiCd for 6-8 hours and can also be recharged with an optional AC adapter. The radios are AM (no expanded band)/FM with impressive sound quality using ear-buds. The '250 also features one-touch digital tuning and external speaker.

The SolarLights flashlight Model 260 will last for about two hours of continuous use and requires 6-8 hours sunlight for full recharged with an optional AC adapter.

ATC combines the SolarLights 260 flashlight with the SolarSounds 220AM/FM radio in their Model 210 Emergency Kit ($39.99) to keep in our car or home, or take on camping or hunting trips. For more information contact ATC at 13114 Evening Creek Drive South, San Diego, CA 92128, 1-800-417-2346 or visit their website at


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