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Big Sound, Small Package

American Technology Corporation (ATC) is a San Diego-based electronics company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of ultra-mini consumer electronic products, and at The Motivation Show, they are showing the world's Smallest FM Radio. That's right, a radio that fits perfectly in your ear!

The ultra-miniature digital touch-tuned radio continues to sell successfully on the QVC Network. Catalogs carrying FM Sounds include Attitudes, SkyMall, and TigerSoftware.

These little radios are perfect for the active person. If you job, instead of carrying a walkman and having to worry about headphones, you could just have a radio that has everything you need, but without the hassle. It has digital touch tuning, scans the entire FM band, weighs less than 1/4 oz., and had a removable ear clip. It's also good for biking, hiking, or sun bathing. The perfect incentive gift for that active employee or a strong motivational prize for a job well done.

Contact: To see and test this creative invention, go to booth #5520.


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