October 17, 1994


Light Tunes

For music-loving joggers weighed down by portable radio-cassette players, American Technology Corp. of Poway, California, is marketing the Ultralite 2000, which it says is the world's smallest FM radio. Using miniature electronic circuit-board technology and more than 40 different transistors, the radio, which fits in one ear, can tune in an entire band of FM stations. Measuring 1.3 centimeters by 4 centimeters by .6 centimeters and weighing 28 grams, the Ultralite features a sponge-style earphone, a detachable earclip and two antennas. Two buttons on its face scan station selections, and a switch on its side controls volume. The Ultralite 2000 also comes with a carrying case.

Cost: $25


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