Are too many of your customers walking away speechless?

Side-by-side on the same shelf with the leading well-known brand, Olympus Pearlcorder MicrocassetteTM recorders can sell as high as one-for-one*. Which is very good news for your audio customers who appreciate the opportunity to buy them -- at a premium that leaves you further ahead.

They're the buyers who know us as the inventor of the Microcassette, or have seen our consumer advertising, or already have one of our recorders or cameras of their own. We're a name they want to hear. From the brilliant L400 recorder and new S900 Series to our full-line of accessories and tapes packaged for easy display. And the boost in sales proves it.

Call your Olympus Marketing Representative at 1-800-622-6372 and you're more than halfway there. Or place your order by calling toll-free 1-800-247-9674 from 9AM to 6PM EST.


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