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November/December 1994


Suddenly it strikes you:

Contract language for stalled negotiations. Sitcom concept. Joke to open your boss' speech. Perfect gift for your mother-in-law's birthday. Movie you should rent. New client's favorite cognac. Reminder to check out new Tibetan restaurant. Advice you'd like to give your son. Reason to resist giving him advice. Headline for this ad.

According to one of the world's richest men, you only need a few good ideas a year to be successful. Assuming you can remember them.

Introducing Flashback, the new, featherlight digital voice recorder that lets you capture brainstorms whenever and wherever they occur.

Unlike so-called "portable" microcassette recorders (that usually get transported, permanently, to a desk drawer), the sleek Flashback, weighing just 3 ounces, slips comfortably into a shirt pocket or purse, so it's always with you when brainstorms strike.

Because Flashback records digitally, it's not just compact and convenient to keep with you, it's virtually foolproof. There are no moving parts. And with Flashback's exclusive "Fumble-Free" ergonomically-designed, two-button controls, you can record or play single-handedly, even in the dark or while driving without taking your eyes off the road.

There's no tape to fumble with either. Flashback's exclusive 30- and 60-minute removable SoundClips never have to be rewound or flipped over, and can be reused indefinitely.

With Flashback's "Instant Access," the search is over. No more painfully slow searching to locate your important thoughts. With Flashback, you're there in a flash so you can instantly play, fast forward, pause, rewind and review with a single button.

With Flashback's "Random Inert" feature, you can add your thoughts anywhere, just like inserting text with your word processor, without recording over your previous thoughts.

Best of all, Flashback's patented design offers fidelity that's not only superior to most magnetic tape recorders but also to most digital recorders.

Designed for the future, Flashback and its SoundClip are PCMCIA compatible. Soon, Flashback options will allow you to transfer your thoughts to your computer or PDA.

Capture your most important brainstorms. Call 1-800-905-2225 for the Flashback retail location nearest you.




Flashback's removable 30- and 60-minute Soundclips use non-volatile flash memory and are PCMCIA compatible. They can be used indefinitely and are impervious to magnets, heat and cold.


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