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May 31, 1994

New & Improved

News of Announced Products and Upgrades - by Adam A. Hicks


Digital Dictation in Your Hand

With only two buttons and no moving parts, Norris Communications Corp.'s 3-ounce PCMCIA-compatible Flashback digital recorder will challenge any tape recorder you're presently toting around. Its 1MB flash memory modules, called SoundClips, are smaller than any form of magnetic tape available and record 30 minutes of 16-bit digital audio. Digital recording has several unique advantages. Messages are indexed so you can randomly access them, and it lets you play back messages at high speed or low speed while still retaining clear speech. You can also insert a note within a note.

List price: Flashback, $199.95. Norris Communications Corp., 12725 Stowe Dr., Poway, CA 92064; 800-905-2225, 619-679-1504; fax, 619-486-3471.

Take a message with Flashback.


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