PockeTalk is the One

And Only One.

One unabridged book. On Only One tape. = One unabridged book.

New Super Long Play Technology creates a revolutionary breakthrough in the recorded book industry!

Now you can listen to most of your favorite books (up to 14 hrs.) on only one standard cassette.

The 2-speed Norris X-Ten PockeTalk with Super Long Play Technology for recorded books, converts instantly to a standard high-fidelity cassette player with the flip of a switch.

Now, hear all the author's words on only one Paperback Tape. No more abridging (typically up to 70% deleted). Or purchasing up to 15 cassettes for one complete book.

The growing library of Paperback Tapes now includes more than 32 titles. (Time-tested classics as well as recent best sellers.)

The convenient PockeTalk is small and lightweight--perfect for active listeners and for those who find reading difficult or tiring.

In the rapidly expanding recorded book industry, PockeTalk is the One--And Only One.


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