Prime Health & Fitness
September 1997

in one ear

Exercising without music can be boring, but using a stereo can damage your hearing and decrease your awareness of potential hazards. So, do you want to be bored, deaf or dead? Now you don't have to choose. FM Sounds, from American Technology Corp., is perfect for running, biking or working out in gyms with lousy music. It weighs in at less than one-quarter ounce and measures only 1 1/2 - by - 1/2 - by - 1/2 inches. The unit lets you keep one ear cocked for menacing motorists, is volume-regulated to avoid hearing damage and comes with a sports-tube carrying case and a detachable ear clip. "They're so light, that if you drop them, they just sort of float to the ground," says David Carleton, ATC vice president of sales and marketing. Retailing for about $20, the radios are available in a variety of colors. For more information, call (800) 41-RADIO.


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