SGB Sporting Goods Business

September 14, 1998

Unique Products for people on the go!

World's Smallest FM Radios

Digital Touch Tuning
Stereo Earbuds
Batteries Included
Great for jogging, biking, the gym, etc.
Solar-Powered Radios & Lights

Lightweight, portable
High-power crystal solar cell harnesses sun's energy
Environmentally safe--no batteries to buy or throw away
Ideal for those times when you can't buy batteries: camping, beach, hiking
High Impact Packaging

Quick Turns
Heavy Impulse
Attractive Retail Price Points
Great Premium Products
Great Stocking Stuffers
ATC American Technology Corporation 1-800-41-RADIO ext. 171

13114 Evening Creek Dr. So., San Diego, CA 92128 **e-mail:



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