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December 1996

World's smallest radio fits inconspicuously in your ear!

FM Sounds is the ultimate in micro-electronics enabling you to have FM music to listen to just about anywhere at your convenience!

Until now you've probably had to take a cumbersome portable radio or a bulky "boom-box" with you to listen to your favorite FM stations on the go. If only there were a way to reduce the size of your radio so it could travel as easily as you do. A miracle of miniaturization can now be yours. FM Sounds brings you an FM radio unlike any other. A radio that is smaller than your thumb and fits comfortably in your ear.

The technology behind sound. FM Sounds is a patented self-contained "in the ear" radio that weighs only 1/4 oz! This tiny powerhouse utilizes a unique flexible circuit board, 40 different transistors with surface mount technology and super-heterodyne circuitry to bring your FM clearly to your ears.

Digital scan tuning. With the touch of a button the FM Sounds will automatically scan for the strongest FM signals. It scans the entire FM band (88-108), finds the next station with the best signal reception and precisely "center tunes" it with no drift. It gives you rich, high-quality sound from a radio that fits completely in your ear and uses features similar to those found in expensive home and car stereo systems.

Perfect for any occasion. Jogging, hiking, biking, sun bathing, even travelers can use the FM Sounds. Anyone can enjoy their favorite music or talk shows while leaving one ear free to talk on the phone, have a conversation or hear traffic. FM Sounds is discrete enough to use at the office, shopping, even on the phone...try that with an ordinary portable radio! FM Sounds also comes with a water-tight carrying case to protect it when you're not using it.

Lend us your ear. We at Comtrad are sure you'll love the freedom FM Sounds will bring to your listening pleasure. Try it risk-free for 90 days. If you don't agree return it for a full "No Questions Asked" refund.

FM Sounds............................................$29
AM Sounds also available....................$29

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Jogging, hiking, biking, 

, even travelers can use the FM Sounds. It is discrete enough to use at the office, shopping, even on the phone...try that with an ordinary portable radio!


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