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Fall 1994

Jabra 1000 - "Hands-Free" Ear Phone

The Jabra 1000 is part of a growing number of applications for the "Ear PHONE" pioneered by JABRA Corporation. The JABRA 1000 is a stand-alone telephone unit that fits easily inside the ear, requiring no headset, or boom microphone. The earphone and speaker are a single device that fits neatly within the ear. Noise cancellation technology eliminates background noise.The JABRA Ear Phone is available for use with ordinary telephones and PBX systems, as an accessory for portable cellular phones and as an integrated hardware/software communications package for the Power Macintosh.From JABRA Corporation, 9191 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 330, San Diego, CA, 92122, (619) 622-0764.


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