They'll think you're talking to yourself!

That usually happens when you first use the new Norris TS-1000 Teleset from American Technology Corporation.

Friends will be begging you to let them try it when they find out that you are talking on the telephone, apparently without a microphone. And with both hands free!

IT all began back in 1985 when NASA asked our president, Elwood Norris, to develop a personal communications link to replace the old headset-boom-microphone that astronauts have been using since the space program began. It had to be lighter, and smaller, and it had to accept human noises while screening out external noises.

Norris went to work and did what everyone thought was impossible. He put the microphone and the speaker together in one tiny button that fits in your ear! The microphone hears you talking from inside your head. So it does not pick up outside noises. Astronauts are not the only people who have important work to do with their hands while they are talking by telephone or radio. Pilots, aircraft controllers, many factory workers, secretaries, stock brokers, telephone operators, in fact just about everyone who uses telephone or radio communications can benefit from this new technology.

It makes it a lot safer for you to talk on a car phone. Because, you can keep both hands on the wheel where they belong, and there is nothing in front of your face.

Be among the first to see the potential of this revolution in telephone technology. Order your TS-1000 Teleset* now!

*TS-1000 model is for telephone use. Other models are being developed.


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Invented in the USA
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