The Sharper Image Catalog
August 1995

World's smallest radios hide in your ear. Choose AM or FM.

These miracles of miniaturization weigh less than 1/4 oz., and electronically tune the AM or FM band at a touch. You hear rich full sound--while staying in touch with your surroundings with your other ear (ideal for jogging, hiking, biking, sun bathing, travel, etc.).

Called "The World's Smallest AM Radio™," new AM Sounds features highly sensitive TRF receiving circuitry and AGC control. Perfect for tuning into your favorite AM talk programs, all-news stations, and sports broadcasts.

FM Sounds has state-of-the-art diode tuning, three-position volume/power switch, and the patented miniature receiver employs over 40 transistors. Both models have a comfortable in-ear speaker. Each comes with local and long-range antennas, protective case, ear clip, and batteries. Made in USA. 90-day warranty.

These featherlight radios fit in your smallest pocket. Keep one close at hand and always stay in touch.

FM Sounds $29.95
AM Sounds $29.95


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