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July 1995

Flashback digital voice recorder.

Gives you 30-minutes of thoughts on a removable clip!

Now there's a featherlight digital voice recorder that fits in your shirt pocket or purse. Quick and easy to use, new Flashback records 30 minutes of your best ideas and inspirations. Carry it everywhere--it's as small as a credit card, and weighs just 2.6 oz.

Your thoughts, memos, reminders, and verbal notes are recorded on a removable 30-minute SoundClip that's PCMCIA compatible. Unlike a tape, it never has to be rewound or flipped over, and can be reused indefinitely.

Five ways better than tape recorders.

Exclusive "Fumble Free" two-button controls let you record and play with just one hand. The ergonomic buttons are easy to find by touch, even in the dark or while driving. Two LEDs guide the simple operation.

"Instant Access" digital design speeds you immediately to any point, eliminating tedious tape advancing and rewinding. Once you're there, the "Random Insert" feature lets you add thoughts, without recording over your previous thoughts. Now you can "edit" your verbal notes just like you insert text on your word processor, including "Random Delete."

In a hurry? New "Vari-Play" feature lets you listen at a very fast (or very slow) speed without changing the pitch of your voice. Perfect for a fast review of your notes before a talk. Or for writing down recorded facts (such as phone numbers or addresses) slowly without errors.

Dependable under harsh conditions.

The interchangeable 30-minute SoundClips (one included) are remarkably durable. They're impervious to magnets, sunlight, blistering heat, and freezing cold. For reliability, the solid-state Flashback has no motors, no tapes to tangle, and no moving parts to wear out.

The patented design offers superior fidelity through the built-in speaker. Made in USA. Comes with 2 AAA batteries and 90-day warranty.

Digital pocket recording is here! Every business day, you'll discover more uses for this new technology.

Flashback Digital Recorder $249.95]

Additional 30-minute SoundClip


"Meeting recorded Tuesday, 10 a.m."

Built-in microphone and speaker

Seamlessly delete old material

Variable speed playback

Simple 2-button controls

Insert new material without recording over the old

Removable 30-minute SoundClip

30-minute digital recorder fits in your shirt pocket. Simple controls can be operated in bed or while driving.


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