November 14, 1994

Announcing the revolutionary new
"all in your ear" telephone headset.

The perfect solution for intensive telephone users!

You're not going to believe your ears. Introducing the JABRA 1000.

Stick It In Your Ear

It's the only "all in your ear" telephone headset with the great big features that make speaking on the phone a whole new experience.

Our patented technology combines both the telephone microphone and speaker in one small unit.

Hands-Free Comfort

The tiny headset fits comfortably in your ear, giving you an extremely comfortable hands-free telephone.

The JABRA 1000 elminates the need to hold a heavy handset, or wear a bulky headset. This makes neck strain a thing of the past. And leaves your hands free to take notes or work on your computer. If you're an intensive telephone user who also uses a computer, you've got to have a JABRA 1000.

High-Quality Audio

We've built high-quality audio performance into every easpect of the JABRA 1000, with our powerful new patented noise-canceling software. It automatically filters out background noise, so you don't have to worry about missing out on a single word. And because both the speaker and microphone fit in your ear, you'll have complete privacy for you most important conversations.


What's more, it's easy to install and use. Plug it right into your phone and start calling in just seconds!

So if you've ever considered the alternative to your phone, now's the time to act.

"This is breakthrough stuff.. Not only are your hands free, your conversation is perfectly clear."
Harry Newton, Publisher
Computer Telephony Magazine

The JABRA 1000. We call it progress.
You'll call everyone else!


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