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The World's Smallest, Lightest FM Radio. It Booms!

So Tiny; So Light, You May Forget You're Wearing It!

Ultralite 2000 Is Now Available In Black And Sports-style Yellow


Great sound in the world's smallest package! I've found a manufacturer that has taken miniaturization to a new low--low on weight, low on size--and Tiger makes them low on price! It's a high-quality FM radio receiver built into a tiny earpiece--complete with ultra-thin local antenna (also includes long-range antenna). This little thing delivers big, booming FM sound through the advanced, miniscule speaker that fits snug in your ear. The amazing Mini FM radio is great for use outdoors; walking, hiking, biking, gardening, car-washing or just lounging--it sure beats lugging around a Walkman or pair of radio headphones. So small, no one will notice you're wearing it! It's not a toy--it's built to take the pounding of everyday use--and sound absolutely incredible! I was skeptical before I actually tried it; you won't believe how such rich, crisp sound comes from such a small device! The volume and tuning controls are tiny touch-pads on the unit and the kit comes complete with main battery, spare batteries, ear-clasp and handy carrying case--a $99 value--yours for just $29.95!

It Clips Comfortably Onto Your Ear!

A33-2000 Ultralite 2000 Mini FM Radio................$29.95
Please Specify Black or Yellow


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