This Week in Consumer Electronics
November 14, 1994

Jabra Ear Phone Permits
Handsfree Conversations

A new device that allows callers to have handsfree conversations without using a headset, handset or speakerphone has been introduced by Jabra of San Deigo, CA.

The Jabra 1000 Ear Phone replaces a standard telephone handset with a small earpiece that incorporates both the microphone and speaker. The user can speak, as well as listen, through this earpiece, explains Randy Granovetter, Jabra CEO-president.

The Ear Phone includes the earpiece, an 8-foot cord that plugs into a standard telephone, and a small control unit that clips onto a pocket, lapel or belt.

The Jabra 1000 is currently available direct and through VARs at $329.

The technology includes a DSP chip and software that picks up the user's voice and removes background noise.

A wireless version will follow next summer, says Granovetter.

Also available is a cellular ear phone for $99 and a kit to integrated telephony into an Apple computer for $200. The kit allows the user to make telephone calls through the computer and to give the computer voice commands.

"We are also working on a Windows version," Granovetter notes. "The threee slices of the market - telephony, PCs and cellular - are merging. We will be there with an auditory interface." -- M.M.


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